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Demulsifiers for Crude Oil 

Demulsifiers for Crude Oil
Colour                                      : Light yellow to Dark Brown 

Generic Composition               :Co-block Poly Condensate to Ethylene and   Propylene Glycols 

Type of Solvent and its            : Aromatic C-IX to C-XI having boiling point range   
 Boiling Point / Range                of 90oC to 180oC 0.91 to 0.94  

Specific Gravity at 25 o C         : 0.91 to 0.94
Flash Point (PMCC) o C              :>80oC

Pour Point oC                            : >45oC                             

Solubility                                   : Miscible in Aromatic Solvents but immiscible in   water

: 6.5 - 7.5

Storage                                    :It should be stored in a cool dry area and away from direct sun light. Material
                                                      stored under Nitrogen.

Shelf Life                                 : 36 months

  MaterialCompatibility               : It is not compatible with material of Construction like PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE,Vinyl etc. It is advisable to store in the
                                                     CRCA barrels and change frequently any parts of non-compatible material coming in contact with the product.
  Packaging                                : Packed in 180 Kgs. Nett CRCA Drums.

  Handling & Safety                    : Wear protecting clothing, goggles and gloves. Absorb material spilled on thefloor with absorbent granules. Fight fire
                                                    with chemical Carbon dioxide or DCPextinguisher.
  First Aid                                   : In case of skin contact, immediately wash exposed area thoroughly with soand water for at least 15 minutes. In case
                                                    of ingestion or eye contact seekmedical attention immediately.
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