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About Us

Kubo Combustion Efficiency Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., is a company established in India.

Kubo is in the manufacture of Specialty Industrial Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals and a Variety of specialty chemicals.

Manufacturing Activities Carried out by us Include:

Polarchem-L2 :

which is an On-load Fire side treatment for Boilers and process heaters. This is being manufactured in collaboration with M/s. Polarchemicals Ltd. of U.K., who are the original patent holder for the product.

Specialty Chemicals

are being manufactured by us for various industries like Bulk Drugs, Dyes, Refining, Petrochemicals and others.

Custom Synthesis :

The company can offer it's superior technical know-how, production and research facilities for various custom synthesis / manufacturing of high risk and high value products. We also carry out specialty toll work for the Indian Bulk drug giants. Our specialty lies is in Catalytic Hydrogenation.

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