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Kubo Combustion Efficiency Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.,is a company established in India.Kubo is in the manufacture of Specialty Industrial Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals and a Variety of specialty chemicals.and chemicals suitable for use in vibratory finishing machines and other mass finishing machines.Kubo is the "Supplier of Choice" for media and. Kubo has a technical collaboration with Sharmic Engineering, U.K. for manufacturing media and chemicals.


The unique design of our facilities enables us to switch over products very easily after thorough cleaning by validated processes. Our State of the art equipment enables us to deliver high quality products.

Machinery & Utilities

Custom Synthesis

The company can offer it's superior technical know-how, production and research facilities for various custom synthesis/Manufacturing of high risk and high value products.

Glass Lined Vessel

1.5 KL

Autoclave 0.250 KL.

Autoclave 1.2 KL each.

Sparkler Filter

Star Filter


SS reaction vessel with

coil and stirrer of 3 KL

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