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Anti Oxidant For Gasoline

POLARCHEM 131, Anti oxidant is used primarily as a gasoline antioxidant. It is essentially N, N disecondary butyl p phenylene diamine.

Typical Physical Properties

Form : Reddish Liquid

Density (g/cm3) 20°C; : 0.94 +/- 5%

Flash Point : > 80°C

Viscosity (Universal 37.7°C) : Approx 60 sec.

Anti Oxidant for Gasoline


Applications And Specifications

POLARCHEM 131 can be added to fuels in the concentrated form or in solvents such as aromatics, petrol or kerosene.

POLARCHEM 131 deactivates oxygen or oxygen containing primary products and so eliminates the precursors of oxidation and gum formation. The

peroxides arising from the effects of air are thus inhibited from initiating polymerisation reactions.

Typical dosage rates are 20-100 ppm.

POLARCHEM-131 meets the following specifications:-

MIL-G 3056 for gasoline

MIL-T 5624 for jet fuels

and MIL-G 5572 E, MIL-T 83133 The above specifications have been set to and passed for the original product.

Handling & Safety:

POLARCHEM - 131 is classified as a skin irritant. It is toxic if swallowed and the vapours can irritate the eyes and lungs.

Protective goggles; rubber gloves and footwear should only be handling this product. Contaminated clothing should be removed immediately.

In the event of ingestion, eye or skin contact a doctor should be consulted immediately.The skin should be washed thoroughly with soap and water and

the eyes irrigated with copious quantities of water.

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