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CAS Registry No. : 109-01-3

Molecular Weight : 100

Empirical Formula : C 5 H 12N2

Typical Physical Properties

Form @ 15°C :Clear liquid

Specific Gravity @ 25°C : 0.88 - 0.91

Flash point :42°C

Boiling Point :136-138°C


(C 5 H 12N2)


Assay :99% Min.( By GC )

Moisture :0.50% ( By KF )

Piperazine :0.20% Max. ( By GC )


It should be stored in a cool dry area and away from direct sun light. Material stored under Nitrogen.


Packed in 180 Kgs. Nett HM-HDPE Drums

Handling & Safety:

Wear protecting clothing, goggles and gloves. Absorb material spilled on the floor with absorbent granules. Fight fire with chemical Carbon dioxide or DCP extinguisher.

First Aid:

In case of skin contact, immediately wash exposed area thoroughly with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. In case of ingestion or eye contact seek medical attention immediately.

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